ITSUWA’s vision is that “We will lead a bright future by creating brimful emotion with services that link ideas”. In doing so, we aim to distribute “high-quality products and services” on a global scale. As a basic purchasing policy to realize this goal, we will strive to comply with ethical laws and regulations in Japan and overseas, strengthen mutually beneficial relationships based on common strategic interests as a supplier of superior products in the supply chain, and realize mutual prosperity. At the same time, we will contribute to the sustainable development of society while giving consideration to the global environment.

Basic Thinking

01.Coexistence and co-prosperity with our business partners

Based on the principle of fairness, we will conduct business on an equal basis with our business partners, build trusting relationships, and aim to realize mutual prosperity as valuable partners.

02.Fair evaluation and selection of suppliers

When evaluating and selecting suppliers, we shall evaluate them fairly in a comprehensive manner based on our selection criteria.

03.Developing products that will open up the future

In order to respond to customers’ existing needs and create new demands, we will harvest high-quality products that have been cultivated through innovative and creative technology.

04.Developing and providing excellent services

Leveraging our network of overseas bases, we will spread an “EMOTION” exceeding customer satisfaction globally by providing first-class services generated by our unique information capabilities.

05.Promoting “green” procurement

Based on our environmental policy, we will maintain an environmental management system, identify chemical substances contained in our products, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and aim to reduce environmental impact.

06.CSR-conscious global procurement activity

Based on our CSR Procurement policy, we will conduct procurement activities globally fulfilling our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. We will do this by securing product quality and safety, ensuring stable supplies, considering the environment, managing information appropriately, respecting human rights, and aim to create an appropriate working environment.
We will strive to not use conflict minerals that can be a source of funding for armed groups from Congo and surrounding conflict areas.

A Plea to Our Business Partners

In the course of our business activities, we must fulfill our corporate social responsibilities within the framework of our supply chain, which includes not only ourselves, but also our business partners. To realize this, we ask you to comply with the following.

  1. To comply with ethical laws and regulations in Japan and overseas
  2. To ensure optimal product quality and safety
  3. To keep prices reasonable
  4. To comply with delivery dates
  5. To be flexible to IT-based changes
  6. To have excellent technology and development capabilities
  7. To have a sound business
  8. To hold consideration for the environment and to disclose the chemical substance in products that contain any
  9. To have an appropriate management system for confidential information
  10. To hold consideration for human rights and occupational safety and health
  11. To not use conflict minerals