President’s Greeting and Philosophy


Moving Customer “EMOTIONS” by Exceeding Satisfaction

When asked what kind of company is ITSUWA, we would answer that it is “a company that creates EMOTIONS”.
Through our trading business, we want to share with our customers an “EMOTION” that exceeds “SATISFACTION”.
We keep our minds and bodies sound, put ourselves to work, and concentrate all of our management resources to focus on this one goal.
That EMOTION we inspire from the information and product services we provide will spread, and the chain effect of all the ripples will lead to a giant wave.
In other words, it is to share with our customers the inspired “EMOTION”.
This is the value and the goal we have pursued as a company for 40 years and a a group for 68 years.
In addition, we intend to create a “bridge of EMOTION” between people, people and companies, and between companies. All the while aiming for the coexistence of businesses and the environment, such as business development for environmentally friendly products that people around the world are becoming increasingly conscious of.
-Emotion-Creating Company, ITSUWA-
I would like to ask for your continued support.

Representative Director