ISO Quality Assurance System

ISO Quality Assurance System

We have established a Quality Assurance Division to assure product quality and centrally manage quality information for all of our business sites.
Under this division, the QC center was established and conducts acceptance inspections of products and ensures thorough quality control.
The Quality Assurance Division employs specialized technicians to manage product quality from the source at design development, to conduct quality patrols and guidance to strengthen the manufacturing capabilities of cooperating vendors, to collect and analyze quality informations in order to formulate problem-solving solutions, to discuss and make improvements with vendors, and to offer solutions to customers on a daily basis.

①We will focus on the following measures.

  1. We will strive to improve product quality, reduce defective rates, and reduce unnecessary inventories.
  2. We will strive to ensure quality from the customer’s perspective and improve customer satisfaction.
  3. We will strive to improve operational efficiency and quality.
  4. We are committed to promoting energy conservation, resource conservation, and recycling activities.
  5. We are committed to developing products that help improve the environment and expand their applications.
  6. We are committed to improving business operations by utilizing environmental information
  7. We will strive to improve operational efficiency and reduce resource and energy consumption.

②With the aim of improving our global quality and environmental structure by making our activities visible, we will enhance the awareness of all our employees and promote quality and environmental activities with the participation of all employees.

May 29th, 2015